Why Brookland PASTORAL Center?

Pastoral Counseling

integrates the spiritual into the 

process of  psychological change, AND

uses a process that allows people to draw from the resources of their spiritual life in an intentional way, if they wish.

Pastoral Counselors

. . . never impose their own beliefs on others nor do they require that clients practice a particular faith.

. . . come from a variety 

of religious affiliations and 

may be lay or ordained.

What if I'm not religious?

Sometimes those 

without a faith practice 

choose pastoral counselors 

as therapists because 

they appreciate being treated 

as a whole person. 



Our History

 In May 1992, a group of the therapists and spiritual directors 

formed Brookland Pastoral Center.

We are deeply rooted both in the community of Brookland 

and in the tradition of providing caring competent help.

Over time we developed a unique structure that allows for independent practice within a community of professionals that provide collegial support.


The Brookland Pastoral Center is located at

1325 Quincy Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

Our house is in a quiet tree-lined neighborhood 

and offers a sense of peace, rest, and safety to all who come

We are near the Brookland/CUA Red line metro station 

and are on the H6 bus route.

There is plenty of free parking.