an oasis for healing and change

Brookland Pastoral Center 

provides offices for therapists in private practice 

who serve  clients from Washington DC, 

Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Therapists at BPC offer a variety of

psychotherapy and counseling services 

for individuals, couples, and families.

Their practices are holistic, respectful of diversity, 

and affirming of the LGBTQ community.

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BPC is located near the Brookland metro stop in NE DC. 

We are not affiliated with any religious group.

Our therapists

Erin Brindle, LPC


New Creations 

offers counseling and art therapy 

to the Greater Washington DC community.

Lori FIrestone, LICSW


If you are going through some 

tough times at work, home, 

or in relationships with loved ones 

or social connections, 

I can help.

Ann Marshall, LPC


 Being clearer about your strengths and values frequently helps in resolving whatever difficulties you are facing.

Sarah Meharg, LICSW


Sometimes life changes 

because of the choices we make 

and sometimes life changes anyway. 

Lisa Joan Reardon, LICSW


Through your sharing and answers 

to questions, I make an assessment of

what is needed to help you understand

yourself better and to make the 

changes you want to make.

Charlotte Rogers, LPC


I like to help clients 

attend to body sensations. 

This awareness is a way to increase 

a client's ability 

to influence choice and change. 

Need Help Choosing a Therapist?

Seeking therapy is an important step in self-care. Choose someone who can best help you 

realize your goals in therapy. 

Why Brookland PASTORAL Center?

Pastoral Counseling 

combines the disciplines 

of psychology and spirituality. 

What makes it a unique approach 

and how can it help?